Price Carsharing in Moscow

1. Tariff “Simple”.

7 rubles a minute, a rouble and a half wait. Included 90 kilometers. A re-7 rubles per kilometer. Upon reaching the cost of 2000 rubles, automatically included daily rate, but with the same limit – 90 kilometers.

2. Tariff “Just a day”.

The cost of 2000 rubles, which included 1439 minutes and 150 miles. A re-7 rubles per kilometer.

A nice bonus is a free night Parking, the rate is included automatically from 23: 00 to 07: 59, at this time the cost of waiting – 0 rubles, the cost of renting 7 rubles a minute.

On Monday, the cost of a minute is 6.3 rubles per minute.
Periodically appear on the map “discount” cars: 6 rubles or 5.1 rubles per minute. (Not available in Kazan)
Until the end of summer, the cost of renting all cars (414 units) is reduced to 6 rubles per minute. Free waiting for the night 23:00 to 06:59.
The daily rate remains unchanged – 2000 rubles per day.
Car sharing rates “Our car sharing”.

Our map shows cars Lada Largus passenger (7 seats) and Lada Largus cargo (2 seats).

8 rubles a minute, 2 rubles waiting, 10 minutes of free waiting. The daily rate of 2500 rubles, which includes 150 kilometers, then 8 rubles kilometer.
There is no free night waiting.