You need to register on the website or in the application and wait for the message confirming your registration.

If you are 21 or older, your driving experience is more than 2 years and you can confirm your driving license, then you can drive the car!

You will need your passport, driving license and bank card.

The payment is done automatically from your attached bank card. Credit cards and debit cards (Visa and MasterCard) are used. The number of the cards consists of 16 digits. You can attach several cards and choose the main one (the payment will be done from this card).

The Client makes a request to reserve a car via the website or a mobile application. The request is valid during 20 minutes from the beginning of its registration. During these 20 minutes the Client must start the rent or refuse to rent the car. If the Client does not start using the car during 20 minutes from the moment of registration request, the service “Waiting” is added.
If the Client is willing to leave the car in the mode “Waiting”, it is neccessary to turn off all devices, stop the engine and place the lever transmission into position “P”, raise the door glasses, get out of the car and lock the doors of the car by pushing the button “Waiting”. The doors of the car are blocked automatically. You can open the car and go on driving with the help of the Application.
According to traffic regulations park the car in any parking lot in Moscow
If you want to finish the rent of the car, stop the engine, place the lever transmission into position “P”, raise the door glasses.
When the Client gets out of the car, he or she pushes the button in the mobile application “Stop the rent” and the car is blocked automatically.

The way to finish the rent

  • Turn off the lights;
  • Stop the engine;
  • Make sure that there are no personal things inside the car;
  • After that get out ot the car, lock it and finish the rent.

Where can I park…

How to use the daily rate…

What will happen if I park in an underground parking lot….

You do. We get the fines from the traffic police and then we send them to the one who has used the car. The one who breaks the law is responsible for that.

We strongly recommend to inspect the car properly before you rent it. If any defects are found which you have not mentioned during your inspection you will be responsible for them.

What happens if I start using the service in a state of intoxication?

Before renting a car the Client must check the car to make sure that the car has no external and internal damage, has all registration and insurance documents, all accessories and additional equipment including an ignition key, car floor mats, special equipment, a registration plate. If the Client finds any damages he or she takes photo of them and informs the Lessor about all disadvantages. It is done via support service. The photos of the damages are sent to the Lessor’s support service via the e-mail to the adress:

The documents are inside the glove box, a fuel card, insurance and the passport of the vehicle.

The car is opened and locked automatically via a mobile application. The key is already in the ignition lock and you do not need to take it.

The agreement is available by link.

No. It is a very serious violation.

It is prohibited to carry things which can make the car dirty.

It is prohibited to carry animals.

How to use the car’s equipment….

How to fill a car?

Who should fill the non-freezing liquid in the car…

Who should wash the car….

How to clean the car of snow?

If you got into a car accident first of all you need to inform the police and then inform the support service
In other cases immediately you need to inform the support service about a breakdown using the phone number: